Amazing Facts about The Sahara Desert in Morocco

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Located northerly in Africa, the Moroccan Sahara Desert is considered by many the earth’s masterpiece. This article is all about the Amazing Facts about The Sahara Desert in Morocco. Scientists believe it is one of the most challenging places for someone to live in. Yet, a lot of animal and flower creatures consider it their home!

Being the only country in Africa with direct exposure to the Mediterranean sea, it merges the West and the South cultures in one place with great success.

Let’s explore together some amazing facts about the Moroccan Sahara!

Not as warm as we all think

The highest temperature in the desert is around 30°C (80 °F) tops. However, it can get chilly at night, reaching about -7°C (19 °F).

A home for the strong flora and fauna

Adapting to the savannah grassland conditions once, scientists from all over the world have documented successfully many animal and plant species that consider Morocco and Sahara their forever home. The plants have deep and strong roots to search for water, and the animals mostly live close to the Nile.

A camel paradise

Used for the transport of goods from one place to another, the camels were introduced there and around the Sahara in roughly 200 A.D. The nomads would form the well-known “caravans” to transfer tea, cotton, herbs and spices.

These amazing creatures can withstand heat and water loss by storing fat on their humps. So, if you want to enjoy the Sahara to the fullest, indulge in a camel ride! We guarantee that you won’t regret it!

A place for the free souls of the world

Morocco was once full of nomads that enjoyed moving from one place to another. Depending on the season, they either move closer to the communities that live nearby the water or away from them. The place’s essence and spirit will inspire you to discover, create, and rely more on your senses!

A desert in the middle of water

The presence of water all around the area gives the area all the great accents and features. Morocco has everything from mountains, basins, and gravel plains.

The most amazing feature? The dunes! Erg Chebbi is the most known and established group of dunes you will have the chance to see and visit.

Erg Chebbi, or “Sea of Dunes”, is the Sahara’s oldest and most established set of dunes. Located in the southeast of Morocco, close to Merzouga, it will offer you a sheer view of Moroccan culture and flavours.

Okay, and what should I wear?

It is best to pack your best loose-fit pants, cotton t-shirts, summer dresses and your lovely hats. You will most likely sweat and feel extremely hot, but it is worth it! If you choose to ride on a camel, wear long pants (the camel’s fur is a bit rough). Early mornings can be quite chilly, too, so make sure you have also packed a warm fleece jacket to keep you warm. Enjoy!

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