Tips for visiting Morocco for the first time

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Tips for visiting Morocco for the first time

This article will discuss tips for Visiting Morroco for the first time. If you are visiting somewhere for the first time, you must be fully aware of all the circumstances, rules, laws, and People.

Several tourists in Morocco is increasing every year. It is because of its snow-covered mountains, Barren Sahara Dessert, enrichment in History, Historic old places, and colorful cities.

Many countries like Spain, France, and Africa all influenced Morocco. So, you will find diversity in culture, traditions, architecture, and people. People here are very kind and hospitable.

Now we will be discussing tips that we will need while Visiting Morocco for the first time:

Things to do While visiting Morocco for the first time:

1.    Do visit a Berber village:

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There are hundreds of beautiful villages scattered through the mountain. When you visit a house in the berber village, they get paid for your stay; hence, a tiny part of tourism revenue is distributed to them. It helps them a lot in their living.

2.    Do a Day-Hike:

The hike up to this village all day long. This village has a group of square red clay houses surrounded by green crops dancing up on the mountain, increasing its beauty. Keep this in mind when Visiting Morroco for the first time.

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3.    Do Bargaining:

To go shopping in Morocco, you must first learn how to bargain? It will help you to get the item for max 25% off the starting price. You can do the same while booking a taxi. It will help you to save a lot of money.

4.    Do give Tip:

Just like you give a tip to a bellboy, housekeeper, or waiter, you should give it to the person taking care of you in the Riads of Morocco and others, like waiters at hotels. A general rule of the tip is 1 DH at a local place and 3-5 DH at more sociable.

5.    Do ask before taking photos:

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Most Moroccans don’t like strangers taking pictures of them. And if you take a photo of someone doing any entertainment or street vendor, they will ask for money. So better ask them first for photos.

6.    Always do have cash:

One of the best tips for you is to always have cash with you because there are many places in Morocco that might not accept credit cards. So to avoid every possible problem while shopping or anything else, you must have cash while travelling.

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What You Should Avoid:

1.    Don’t follow the kid who wants to be your guide:

It’s never easy to find a path back home in the markets of Morocco. Some kid will appear out of nowhere to offer his help in broken English. Either he will take you to any shop and force you to buy something to get his cut or ask you to pay for the tour.

2.    Don’t let a friendly stranger ask for paying your bill:

First, they will ask you in a friendly conversation whether they want to host you. Then after eating, they will ask you to pay the bill by making an excuse that they will pay you later. You will never find them once they leave.

3.    Don’t visit a Mosque without permission:

To enter a Mosque in Morocco, being Muslim is the first condition. Because in a lot of Mosques, non-Muslims are banned from entering a mosque. But there are some mosques you can enter. So, first, check before entering a mosque.

4.    Confirm before hiring Guide:

You can hire a local guide to get inside information about the place. But beware of some scammers who are there to scam tourists by showing themselves as a local guide. Otherwise, local guides are best to hire because they will provide you with the best information you need and the city’s inner beauty.

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If you are visiting Morocco for the first time, these are tips you should keep in mind. When you get there, you will discover a lot more than this. But these are the most important ones that need to be discussed. Contact us to get expert advice for your next trip to Morocco.